Jose Heroys

Useful Information

Bird sculptures

As each item is handmade there will be slight variations in character and expression. I am happy to send you photographs of your order before dispatch to ensure that you are happy with it.

My birds are quite delicate and are designed as art sculptures, not toys. Please do not give them to young children to play with as the small parts could be a choking hazard.

Caring for your bird art

A few simple steps will help to keep your textile bird art in good condition:

  • Avoid strong sunlight - like all natural yarns, the wool I use keeps its colour better if not exposed to strong sunlight for long periods of time, so please bear this in mind when finding a home for your birds.

  • Avoid damp or humid environments - wool is more likely to deteriorate in damp air, so try to display your bird art in areas that are not prone to damp.

  • Cleaning - please don't wash your bird! If it becomes dusty you can try brushing it gently with a soft brush. Alternatively, you can use a hand-held vacuum cleaner or the extension tube of a conventional one, on the lowest power setting. Cover the end with a hosiery pop sock, securing it in place with an elastic band. With the vacuum on its lowest power, hold the bird in your other hand and dab the vacuum over the bird gently.

  • Moths and insects - I have not found moths or insects to be a problem. The room I make and store them in is regularly treated against moths as a precaution - as is the wool yarn - but in my experience, moths only become a problem for wool left in dark and undisturbed places (which is where moths prefer to lay their eggs). If you display your bird in the daylight (as I hope you will!) and follow the care instructions outlined here, you shouldn't have too much trouble. If you are worried about moths, I use Protector C Insecticide which is a non-marking, environmentally friendly, fine, odour-less spray.

The birds are dispatched with their legs and feet in a standing position. Should they not do so, you can adjust them by gently moving their feet until they stand upright. Their wire legs are not intended to be repeatedly moved into different positions. Doing so may weaken their ability to stand up. 


For specially commissioned pieces, I will work with you closely to achieve the result you are looking for. As part of the design process, I send you photographs of the piece during its making and for your final approval. After final approval by photo, I will dispatch the item and no further changes may be made to it. Returns and refunds on commissioned pieces (other than for faults or damage) depend on the nature of the piece and whether it is likely to be re-saleable. 

 Changes to finished pieces/artwork

Fibre art pictures listed in the shop are sold as seen in the photographs. It is not possible to request  further changes or additions to pictures after purchase/delivery.